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Are You Haunted by Past Injuries?

Even traumas that don’t result in pain can be detrimental to your health. Effects such as scar tissue and inflammation are part of your body’s healing process. If a trauma isn’t resolved, your body tries to adapt, and you’ll eventually experience a reduced range of motion.

Though some forms of stress or injury may be inevitable, you can reduce the detrimental influence it has on your body with chiropractic care, spinal exercises and a sufficient intake of nutrients such as Omega-3 and Vitamin D.

The Three Stages of Healing

Every injury to the ligaments, muscles, tendons or joint capsules will heal in three phases:

The Acute Inflammatory Phase. Your blood vessels release healing agents, causing swelling and inflammation that is essential to healing. It typically lasts for 72 hours after the injury but may be prolonged in those with ill health or are deficient in Omega-3, Vitamin D, have poor physical fitness or are under emotional stress.

The Repair Phase. Your body rapidly lays down scar tissue to prevent more damage and to use as a template for soft tissue remodelling, which takes place in the final stage. This repairing phase lasts for about six weeks though can be prolonged, as above, in those with ill health or with deficiencies.

The Remodelling Stage. Your body continues to strengthen scar tissue to maximize strength, mobility and flexibility. It may go on for six months to a year or even more. The quality of the repair depends on whether your injured tissues and joints are regularly put through their full range of motion.

Finding Your Solution

You may have unresolved scar tissue or a restricted range of motion due to past trauma. If so, chiropractic can restore health to your joints and tissues, moving you through the stages of healing. With greater function and abilities, your quality of life will be remarkably enhanced. As a chiropractor, Dr Ben Dyer’s goal is to resolve the cause of your pain rather than covering it up with a medication. Contact us today to schedule your evaluation!

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