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Meet Dr Damian Le Roux (Chiropractor)

Dr DamianSince young age I have been fascinated by the idea of working in healthcare. In my teens I had a perforated appendix and my time in hospital made me realize – Medical Doctors are caring for the sick patients, and not creating healthy patients. I started to look for a profession which will be aligned with my view of how to be a healthy Human. And Chiropractic was an obvious choice.

Focused On Creating Healthy Patients

I graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic from Anglo- European Chiropractic College (AECC) in the United Kingdom in 2012 and been practicing since. My primary focus is on the spine function, and its intricate relationship with the nervous system. I believe the only way to reach full health potential is a combination of the art of adjustments with identifying the life stressors and guiding clients through behaviours and lifestyle to maintain a high healthy living standard.

I have a big passion for rugby since I was 8 years old. But as much as I love it, I know it’s not great for my spine. My neck and lower back suffered great deal of injuries, but what it eventually led me to is to greater value of chiropractic adjustments not only for pain treatment, but also as a big tool for maintain strong and healthy spine, which is foolishly allows me to play more rugby. It also gives me greater empathy to anyone with a big history of Macro- or Micro- traumas in their life, and allows me to connect with my clients on a deeper level.

On a Personal Note

I just moved to Hong Kong after working for several years in London, Bedford and Jakarta, and I am already greatly impressed with the city, it’s energy and people I meet. I am looking forward to practicing alongside Dr. Ben and to my journey with Atlas Chiropractic.


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