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Healthier Kids with Chiropractic Care

Dr. Ben adjusting a childIn all my years of practice, I always ask people the same question “Have you ever had your spine checked?”, and it is astonishing to me how rarely I hear “Yes” as an answer. Even more surprising for me is how rarely people check their children’s spines, assuming spinal issues only occur with the age.

We should all be familiar with the term “Subluxation”, or spinal misalignment. We know that subluxation is caused by stress: whether physical, chemical or emotional. Now let’s think, are our kids and teens impacted by stress in their daily lives? Will our children’s health be affected by subluxation, given our nervous system is fundamental to both growth and development? What do we need to do today in order to ensure our children’s future health and function will be at 100%?

Here are my thoughts on that:

  • Firstly, most of us experience physical stress in our life during birth. The birthing process itself and associated traumas might lead to serious misalignments in an infant’s spine, which if not corrected, will create subluxation in time. This is why the best time to have a pediatric chiro checkup is right after birth. And no, pediatric adjustments (if necessary) won’t hurt a baby and are completely safe. Think of the pressure you can apply touching your eye with your finger – that is how light spinal adjustments on babies are;
  • Secondly, how many times do our kids fall whilst growing up? Even minor slips and bruises can create misalignment and restriction in the spine;
  • Thirdly, in our digital age children do tend to use technology more and more both for study and for entertainment. iPads, laptops or smartphones are commonly seen in teens’ and pre-teens’ hands. Pay attention to and educate your children on having a neutral and proper sitting posture, on how important it is to use digital devices without bending your neck down and to avoid doing homework whilst sitting on sofa (if you need help or advice, consult with any team member at Atlas);
  • Fourthly, pay close attention to sporting or any other injuries. If not rehabilitated properly, injuries further along the road might lead to misalignment in the spine, pelvis or shoulders. Any neck, head or spinal traumas must be followed up with a chiropractor;
  • Lastly, it is quite easy for adults to underestimate the amount of emotional stress children go through. Protests and coronavirus news, school and peer pressure, even relocation stress are experienced by children at some point. For many, emotional stresses will promote their subluxation further, and eventually setting the body into permanent stress response – severely affecting development, immune system and growth.

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