Stephanie Cheng

Check-In Chiropractic Assistant

Stephanie graduated in 2015 from Edmonton, Alberta and continued after to work in Physical Health and Hospitality. She was inspired to pursue a career in the health and wellness industry due to her love of helping people and learning their individual stories.  

As Atlas' Check-in Chiropractic Assistant, Stephanie guarantees new clients always have a positive first impression of the Studio. Stephanie takes pride in caring for every client’s needs during each visit, ensuring they are on schedule with their chiropractic care plan, and educating them on the benefits of practice and partnership to improve their overall quality of life.

“I am fascinated by how our spine plays such a key role in our body! Aside from being able to help people, the thing that I love most about the Chiropractic industry is that I get the opportunity to learn such amazing concepts about our spinal health, how our spine functions, and how it affects our daily life and our health.”

- Stephanie Cheng

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