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Studio Workshops

Every month we provide valuable education on a variety of subjects to help our patients live healthier, happier lives. At Atlas Chiropractic Hong Kong we’re not just looking at correcting the immediate challenges you are experiencing; we’re also looking at educating you on how to stop the problems arising over and over again.

Back in the UK when I was working as a chiropractor it was very much a case of fix people up; then two to three months later clients would come back with the same issues and with no real impact on their overall health or quality of life. By applying a partnership approach which actively engages clients in their care, I know that we can not only have a greater impact in the short term but also over the entire life of our clients.

Knowing that my clients live busy lives, I decided I wanted to give my clients easy access to the education they need to really know how to take care of themselves. Starting from the perspective that the nervous system controls everything, it’s evident that there are many stressors that can have an impact – these can be both positive and negative. Negative stressors fall in to three main categories:

PHYSICAL sitting at your desk all day, poor posture, repetitive movement, past injuries

CHEMICAL nutrition, lack of water, impact of long term medication

MENTAL & EMOTIONAL perhaps the one which in the past has largely been discounted but we now know plays a huge role in our health in the long-term

Each of our monthly workshops will discuss a health related topic that falls under one of these broad categories. All are available to attend in person in our studio or by catching up on demand here.

JUNE WORKSHOP – Atlas x Breathpod x Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Join us on June 5th at 8:00pm for our next workshop in collaboration with London based experts, Breathpod – those who truly understand how breathwork has the power to achieve better health, wellbeing and performance and the Landmark Mandarin Oriental

Date: 5th June 2019
Time: 8:00pm
Location: Landmark Mandarin Oriental
Cost: HK$500 per person (inc. access to spa facilities)


Catch up on the amazing education provided at our monthly workshops through our YouTube Channel.
Workshop 2 | Ketogenics
Workshop 1 | Mental Health


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