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Your Plan of Action During Flu Season

woman have coldEven though our world teems with infectious micro organisms, most of the time you are reasonably healthy, right? Thank your immune system, which works 24/7 to defend you against disease-causing microbes.

Your first line of defense against infection or virus, such as coronavirus, starts with a strong immune system.

Whilst we would strongly encourage all of our clients to follow the sage advice of maintaining good personal hygiene, avoiding big crowds and wearing a mask if sick, investing heavily in boosting your immune system will put you in a much stronger position to fight off any virus that might come your way.

Now, step beyond gratitude and take note of a few ways you can optimize the function of that system.

  1. Ensure you get enough sleep and take steps to manage stress. Stress decreases the body’s lymphocytes – the white blood cells that help fight off infection, making it harder for your body to fight off pathogens;
  2. It is the best time to say bye to your bad habits. Besides well-known effects on your health and well-being, both nicotine and alcohol impair your immune system, weakening your body’s natural ability to fight off infections;
  3. Exercise, but do not over do it. Adopting a moderate and healthy workout routine is one of the best ways to improve your overall health and strengthen your body’s defense mechanism;
  4. Go green! Infuse your diet with green leaf vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. To provide an extra aid to your body, infuse your meals with garlic, turmeric and ginger – each known for their anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting effects;
  5. Make sure your nervous system functions well, by making sure your spine is healthy! Spinal subluxation weakens our immune system, which is why getting adjusted during an outbreak of the flu is one of the best solutions for you and your loved ones!

Rest assured, your health is our priority. At Atlas we always maintain a thorough cleaning regime to ensure our studio environment and facilities are maintained at the highest possible standards of hygiene. Tissue paper on the table is changed after each client, and hand sanitizer will be provided throughout the studio for all staff and clients to use.

If you are feeling unwell with any symptoms of fever, flu, or respiratory problems, please consult your medical doctor and reach out to us in order to reschedule your appointment.

Remember, the best approach to your health is an inside-out approach – make sure every system in your body functions well! The Atlas team wishes you and your families strong health!
P.S. In our digital age, whilst we do have access to extensive news sources at our fingertips, please remember to be very selective about which of these you trust and make sure the media has a reliable source. You can find more fact based information here.

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