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Atlas Chiropractic Embraces Vibrant Health

Hong Kong Chiropractor Offers Family Wellness

Chiropractor Dr Ben Dyer has a reputation for excellence in custom-designed family health care. He welcomes all members of the family, from newborns and children to adults and seniors. It’s his passion to deliver gentle chiropractic care for rapid pain relief, wellness optimisation, stress reduction and for a vastly improved enjoyment of life.

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Our Studio Difference

We offer our patients the very latest in state-of-the-art diagnostic scan technology. This painless, non-invasive and multidimensional system can accurately pinpoint the source of your problem so that we can get you out of pain quickly. It’s also of great benefit in helping us to track your upward progress.

Our care is convenient and practical. We make it easy for you to incorporate a visit to our studio into your busy lifestyle.

The quality of our care is exceptionally high. All treatment plans are customised for your convenience; we pride ourselves on our communication skills and focus on education.

We help people that are suffering with physical, chemical and mental stress. Our studio offers relief from the fast-paced lifestyle of city life.

Ex-pats are always welcome!