The Start of Your
Chiropractic Journey

Your care starts at the very first visit. Here is what to expect:

The Initial Consultation

During this 45 to 60 minute process, we get to know our new client, understand their health and wellness goals and conduct a thorough assessment of their health. Our physical assessment process involves an examination from one of our in-house chiropractors and diagnostic scanning. For certain cases, we may refer the client to receive an X-ray.

Your Next Appointment

In the next visit to our studio, we discuss the results from the initial consultation to ensure a clear understanding of the patient's problem areas. Our in-house chiropractor will then review a custom care plan tailored to treat each client's specific needs and meet their health goals, which may consist of a mix of corrective procedures, chiropractic adjustment, chiropractic adjustments and intensive care.

During this session, you will receive your first chiropractic adjustment.

Three Chiropractic Care Phases

Care is personalised to every client's specific needs, and usually consists of 3 phases:

Phase 1: Intensive Care Class

Our intensive care period concentrates on stabilizing your problem areas and prevents further damage. This also kickstarts the body's healing process and sets the foundation for the next two phases.

Phase 2: Corrective Care

Our corrective care procedures focus on re-training the spine and body to increase your overall health and strength.

Phase 3: Wellness/
Maintenance Care

The final phase is put in place to protect and maintain all your new levels of function, strength and health. This phase is often complemented by your new healthy lifestyle with sufficient sleep, nutrition and exercise.

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