Our studio is located in the heart of Hong Kong’s Central District only a few minutes walk from the MTR station.

We pride ourselves in having:

  1. A warm, welcoming environment
  2. The best-in-class equipment
  3. A clean, modern space
  4. Expert chiropractic care
  5. Free resources to better your health both inside and outside the studio
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We believe that our bodies are designed to be healthy...

However, modern lifestyles mean that we are often at high risk of experiencing various forms of stress, whether it be physical, mental or chemical. These stresses can overwhelm our nervous systems over time, causing an unhealthy spine that exhibits symptoms like chronic neck pain, headache disorders, fatigue, joint pain and inflammation. If left untreated, not only will this elicit chronic pain and discomfort, it can also lead to long-term chemical imbalances in our neural system, resulting in an inability to properly interpret our external environment or perform important bodily functions like mobilisation and flexibility.

Our mission at Atlas is to simply help your body heal and regulate itself by improving the function of your spine and nervous system as well as reducing the physical, chemical and emotional stressors which lead to health problems. By focusing on your body's control tower - your nervous system - we are able to generate significant improvements across various functions of both physical and mental wellness. We envision everyone achieving wellness and long-term health through proper healthcare and deeply-rooted self-care. Through the Atlas System, we believe that every body can operate at their best.


A Holistic Approach Health

Enhance spinal health to activate the body’s natural restorative potential
Giving you the tools for a more health-conscious lifestyle
Going beyond symptom-focused care to optimize spinal and nervous system health
Creating and sharing our collective knowledge for the greater good

Our bodies were designed to naturally repair and heal from ailments such as aches, pains and loss of mobility. Our chiropractors unlock the body’s restorative potential by going beyond short-term symptom-focused care and using a holistic chiropractic approach for natural  long-term health.

Rather than focusing on quick fixes, we’ll go the extra mile and tackle underlying causes so you can enjoy good long-term health because that’s what really matters. We’ll help you design a healthy lifestyle and make sure you’re engaged inside and outside the studio.

Chiropractic Fees

  • Initial Consultation
    Adults: HKD 900
    Children: HKD 800
  • Adjustment Package (10 visits)*
    Adults: HKD 9,000
    Children: HKD 8,000
    *Initial Intensive Care
  • Insight Scan
    HKD 300
  • X-Ray (Per View)
    HKD 350
  • Cervical Denneroll
    HKD 500

How To Find Us

Atlas Chiropractic
8/F, 10 Pottinger St
Central, Hong Kong

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