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A Holistic Approach to Spinal Health

At Atlas, we believe that a healthy nervous system is the key to mental and physical wellness. Our bodies are designed to be healthy and caring for our spine through gentle chiropractic care unlocks our bodies’ healing potential.  Each of us has an innate intelligence that allows the body to repair and heal from ailments like aches, pains and loss of mobility. The Atlas System looks at chiropractic adjustments, not just as temporary relief of symptoms like back pain and insomnia, but as part of optimising the body’s system as a whole.

This holistic philosophy drives our approach to adjustments and service. Our team of expert chiropractors based in HK go beyond symptom-focused care to optimise the entire body. Using regular chiropractic adjustments, correction of lifestyle habits and consistent exercise, we create custom care plans for each individual client to effectively combat the causes of their physical, mental and chemical stress.

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The Atlas Team

Led by Dr. Ben Dyer, Atlas Chiropractic clinic's diverse team of healthcare professionals strive to improve the wellbeing of Hong Kong's community through holistic healthcare and nurturing, meaningful relationships.

“I take pride in making each visit to our studio a remarkable one, and strive to drive my team to deliver their best services. Our team's mission is to educate people about spinal health for the betterment of their life, their families and society as a whole.”

— Dr Ben Dyer, Founder and Lead Chiropractor

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