June 20, 2023

Are You Lacking Motivation Or Discipline?


Goals are achieved one step at a time. No one sets out to be a millionaire and earns a million dollars in one day. It’s the accumulation of individual dollars over a period of time that eventually gets you there. Or with a weight-loss goal, you don’t lose 10kg in one week. People will ebb and flow sometimes losing two kilos in a week and then gaining one back the following week and then losing three the following week. 

Achieving a goal is never a linear process. It requires patience. And sometimes it is demotivating to see the small steps not adding up or moving in the right direction, which can cause people to stop putting the work in altogether. So, how do you stay motivated even when it’s not looking good? Forget motivation.

What someone really needs to succeed is a goal that aligns with their values. A goal that is not aligned with one’s values is not a goal but a distraction. If you have a goal to lose 10kg, ask yourself why that is a goal? Is it so that you can play with your kids or grandkids easily? Is it so that you will look like an Instagram influencer? And why do those things matter to you? If you highly value family, you will likely be able to stick to your plan to get fit. If you don’t actually care about looking like an IG model, but you feel society’s pressure to look like one, you are not in alignment with your values and you will likely not succeed with that goal. So, let it go and find a goal that aligns with what your values really are. 

The main values that people have are generally a combination of these (although they can be unique to you and not included here): Family, Health, Career, Finances, Spirituality, Relationships, and Fun. 

If you’re unsure about how to determine your top values, look at how you already allocate your time and that will tell you what you value. Then look at what you want to achieve. Does that goal align with your values? If not, find a new goal. 

Once you have the goal that really aligns with your values, you can figure out the components that will get you there and you do a little bit of each of those components every day. That’s the discipline. Discipline becomes much easier when you are actively in line with your values. Then it’s just scheduling the endorphin rush that will come from achieving every small step along the way. 

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