June 20, 2023

Why Do Babies and Kids Go To The Chiropractor?


A healthy nervous system must be nurtured and supported from birth. Babies and kids experience many falls and illnesses that go along with growing up. And while kids are remarkably resilient and can bounce back from small traumas relatively quickly, there are some stressors that can have a lasting effect on the spine and nervous system. This is why it is important to have children checked by a chiropractor.

Birth Can Be The First Major Stressor In Life

Birth can be the first major stressful event in life. Whether baby makes their way out via the vaginal canal or via cesarean section, an immense amount of pressure and strain is put on the skull, skeleton, and surrounding soft tissue structures. This trauma can have lasting effects on baby as they latch and feed or try new movements like crawling, walking, and balancing.

The Worst Epidemic In Hong Kong Kids Today

The most widespread epidemic we see now in kids is “Tech Neck.” Children as young as two years old are on electronic devices like phones and tablets more frequently, putting kids in slumped, strained postures that cause their spines to start misaligning and degenerating earlier and earlier.

As kids grow into teenagers they’re also carrying heavier backpacks - often slung over one shoulder - and dealing with increasing stress from school and socializing. These micro traumas over time can result in chronic poor posture and stress to the nervous system.

What Conditions Do Chiropractors See In Babies and Kids?

Every parent’s dream is a baby who feeds well and sleeps well, thus allowing for adequate rest for mum and dad. But infantile colic and failing to latch for breastfeeding can keep parents up all night. Good motility and regular stools are vital for a healthy baby and it can be distressing for parents and baby if they aren’t experiencing healthy elimination. If a subluxation in baby’s spine is restricting them from proper joint function, these basic feeding and digesting issues can arise. Chiropractors also see kids come in with otitis media (ear infections), nocturnal enuresis (bedwetting), asthma, eczema, and ADHD.

Is Adjusting Children Safe?

Studies have proven what chiropractors and chiropractic clients have known for over a century: neonatal and pediatric chiropractic care is safe and effective. While you may have received or seen a chiropractic adjustment on an adult, a pediatric adjustment is quite different. The amount of pressure used for a neonatal adjustment is the same pressure as you would put on your closed eyelid. It is gentle and specific to an infant’s developing spine.


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