The Essential Physical and Mental Health Habits to Beat Omicron

Dr. Ariel Thorpe

As the Hong Kong government teases us with ever-changing restrictions and guidelines about the covid and omicron pandemic, here’s what you need to know to keep your sanity and health in check.

The only true cure for anything is prevention. So, prepare your mind and body before the chaos ensues. Or, in this case, earlier on in the inevitable chaos marathon. What we know is that the most recent strain of covid is highly manageable. Unless you’re in a high risk group, namely elderly or with underlying chronic disease, you’re going to be fine. Don’t let anyone’s propaganda or fearmongering lead you to believe otherwise. This is not to say that it will be sunshine and rainbows, but know that you’ll come out the other side, which leads to the first step in preventing unwanted outcomes:

Mindset. We believe whatever stories we continuously tell ourselves. If you read the news headlines daily, those will be the stories that replay in your mind. It takes some courage but try going one day without reading the headlines. The following day, ask yourself if it really affected your life not knowing what the media wanted you thinking about. Then see if you can go 2 days or more. It’s amazing how irrelevant the fear-inspiring headlines are when we stay focused on what really matters in our lives.

There’s a second part of mindset that is equally important and that is our outlook on life. You don’t need to be perpetually optimistic but your healing time will be more enjoyable if you remain in a positive mindset versus negative one. Give it a try right now: think about something on your to do list for today. First, think about it as something you HAVE to do that is not fun. What feeling do you have around that task? Now, think about that same item as something you GET to do. Literally say to yourself, “I get to [walk the dog, or whatever you have to do] today. It’s great because [I will get the oxytocin and endorphins associated with taking care of an animal and I will get the benefits of being outdoors in fresh air and be able to move my body].” How do you feel now? So, start practicing a positive mindset so that when the metaphorical dog poop hits the fan, you’re not wallowing in your own self-pity.

Now for the physical. There are preventative measures that are good for your immune system in general. From a movement standpoint, there are two ways to ensure that you’re getting adequate movement in your body to keep it strong when dealing with potential immune challenges. The first is getting checked for subluxation by a chiropractor. If a joint in your spine is not moving well or in a pathological state, it can impact the corresponding nerve’s ability to communicate to its end organ, gland, muscle, or other tissue. If communication is not at optimum, this can lead to poor function and a disease state.

The second is getting good motion in your body via exercise. You don’t need to train for a marathon or deadlift 100kg to start getting healthy now. Focus on what you can do now and build on that. If you can do one kneeling push up, great, do that push up as many times per day as you can. If you can go for a walk, do it, and then do it faster. Outdoors is ideal because of the parasympathetic stimulation of moving your body forward through space with objects moving along your periphery. In other words, when you walk or run forward, the objects that pass by you help stimulate your rest and digest state, which chills you out and leaves you better prepared for using your immune system to its greatest potential.

From a biochemical and nutritional standpoint, check out this list in order to prep your body early. Don’t wait until you’re sick to deal with your health. It will be too late at that point. Create a body state that makes illness easier for you to handle so it doesn’t have to be a big deal.

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