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June 20, 2023

Grow Taller In 30 Days Using These Tips


As the tech neck problem grows among younger and younger people, we see many more kids and teenagers with significant postural issues. Where we would commonly only see significant degeneration in the spine after people reach skeletal maturity around 25 years old, we are now seeing major structural changes in teenage and child spines. The use of cell phones and poor posture while doing so is clearly causing "banana-shaped" bodies. Heads are forward and pelvises are tucked, causing straightening of the entire spine. As we know, loss of the 3 healthy curves of the body has an impact on the nervous system, as greater tension is placed in the spinal cord and peripheral nerves.

Teenagers and parents alike are concerned about this epidemic and commonly come to the chiropractor to improve posture and - more importantly for teens trying to find their place in their social scene and the world - grow taller. So is it possible to impact your growth quickly? Yes and no. While we have to let the body work its own metabolic processes to grow, we can impact small factors that lead us to be taller.

First, our cellular health is important. It is the cumulative effect of every cell's metabolism that allows us to grow. We need our DNA in tip top shape in order to grow to our full potential. How do we measure our genetic health? One way is through telomere length. The longer the better. As our telomeres shorten with aging, we are less healthy. Research measuring telomere length before and after adjustments has shown that post-adjustment, telomeres lengthen. This primes your body to naturally grow to its full potential. So, get to the chiropractor and get checked for subluxations.

The next factor in our height is how physically large our spine is. Our spine is made up of vertebrae and discs in between each vertebra. As we go through our day, we compress our discs with activity but also gravity pulls down on our body, making our discs less plump and thick, contributing to our height. One way to increase disc height is by drinking water. The fluid inside our discs is comprised mostly of water, so make sure you have an abundance of water flowing through your body. Movement also contributes to squeezing fluid into and out of the discs, so stay active with exercise and get movement in your spinal joints via chiropractic adjustments. Another factor with disc height is sleep. Our cells, and our discs in particular, regenerate while we sleep. The cumulative spinal length gain in all 23 discs in your spine might just push you over the edge of your ideal height.

This brings us to our next easy tip to increase spinal height: stand up straight. Better posture with less slouching stacks all of your vertebrae in optimal positioning so that you have as much height as possible. When we let our shoulders roll forward and head jut out, we lose verticality. It may feel sore to hold yourself up in a strong posture if you're not used to it, so while you're at it, build muscle to hold you upright with more ease. The higher lean muscle mass to fat ratio we have, the better able we are to hold ourselves upright in an ideal position. If you're struggling to maintain good posture, visit your chiropractor for help.


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