January 18, 2023

Functional Movement: Your Body is Built to Move

Dr. Ben Dyer
Dr. Ben Dyer

Your body is designed to move, and there are numerous health benefits to doing so.

Every spinal disc and individual joint was created to support you while you sit, stand, run, and perform just about any activity.

One of the main reasons we offer functional movement screening in Hong Kong is to make sure every part of your body is moving as it should, allowing you to feel and perform at your best for as long as possible.

You can flex and bend in all directions thanks to your soft spinal discs, and you can turn, twist, and extend because your facet joints work together to slide and glide.

Here’s Why You Need to Move

We now have a better understanding of the significance of movement in our lives, according to recent studies.

In fact, it has been shown that movement of the spine has the ability to stimulate and speed up the body's healing process. For this reason, booking a functional movement test in Hong Kong is crucial if you find that you are not moving as well as you previously did.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Your spine's bones, muscles, ligaments, and joints are all built to support normal movement.
  • Moving your body can improve blood flow, strength, and flexibility.
  • Your spinal segments’ ability to move might also affect how well you heal from injury or operations

Functional Movement Tests, Chiropractic Care, and the Benefits of Movement

As you might have guessed, chiropractors have been trained to work with nearly all of your body's joints because we believe in it's intrinsic ability to repair itself and the very real advantages that come with increased movement.

One of the non-invasive approaches we use to assist people in regaining their optimal range of motion, limb by limb and joint by joint, is adjustments.

One of the main advantages of spinal adjustments is that they can significantly alleviate your daily aches and pains. This is crucial because pain is the main barrier preventing many individuals from engaging in their favourite activities.

Adjustments focus on resetting abnormal movement patterns to enhance your quality of life. That is why we conduct functional movement tests in our Hong Kong chiropractic clinic in order to ensure that your body is functioning as a unit and moving well altogether.

Next Steps

Whether you're young or young at heart, we want to support you in making the most of the advantages of exercise in order to maintain the healthiest spine and body for as long as possible.

Additionally, we urge you to maintain a proactive approach to your health by making sure your next appointment is set up. Click here to book your initial consultation with ATLAS.

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