Hate Working Out? Try These Motivation Tips

Dr. Ariel Thorpe

Whether you are an athlete or an average Joe or Jane, it is likely you have been in a situation where you thought, "I know I should workout, but I don't want to workout." This feeling may have lasted one day or one decade and either way, here are some tips to get you moving. Different people are motivated by different approaches, so go with the message that speaks to you best.

Find a workout buddy. Having someone else to hold you accountable to your workouts will take the decision making out of the equation. Make an agreement with the other person that you will not let them skip a workout. If you are serious with them, they will return the favor and keep you on track.

Forget DIY. Are you a personal trainer? No? Then let someone else create your workout for you. Let their expertise guide you and jumpstart your workouts. If your car's engine wasn't working properly, would you watch a YouTube video to fix your car yourself? No, you would bring it to an expert mechanic. Your own body is arguably more important than your car, so treat it with the same respect and get an expert opinion.

Seek motivation from outside. Download an app that sends you daily motivation to get your booty moving or text a friend for a little boost when you need it. Sometimes our friends can have perspective on a situation before we see it ourselves. Ask your most fitness-oriented friend to help you out. Don't have any fit friends? Make some. You are the average of the people closest to you, so seek out the habits you want to see in yourself. If all of your friends are sedentary and you want to get fitter, find some fit friend to bring into your circle.

Try a new workout everyday. Find a gym that offers a variety of classes or try different fitness studios. Everyday gets to be a new type of movement or a new instructor. Once you find something or someone you resonate with, stick with that for a while and create a routine around this new fun class.

Sign up in advance. People love to start new habits on Mondays and the first day of the month. Use that to your advantage and plan out your week or month in advance. Put the workout into your calendar so it's not a decision you need to make in the moment but rather just a part of your day.

Say affirmations. Say a sentence or a few that get you into a workout mindset. "I love working out. I enjoy strengthening my body and mind. I am getting stronger and more flexible everyday." Be sure to say your affirmations everyday, not just on the days when you need the extra boost. Creating the habit is important so that you have the subconscious reminder that you love working out daily.

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