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June 20, 2023

Is Your Knee Pain The Reason Why You Can't Move Forward?


The knees are not just a joint in our leg but an important connection to our sense of safety and being grounded. Metaphysically speaking, our knees are a representation of our ability to be flexible as we move through life. If our knee joint is stuck due to an injury, such as a meniscus block, we cannot move with fluidity, ease, and speed. This can translate to a mental state of being in which we consider our limitations before our possibilities. This injury adverse behavior can cause us to focus so much more on the injury than the healing that we delay our healing and potentially put ourselves at risk for further injury.

The knee joint is designed for flexibility and stability. The large surface area of the tibia at the bottom of the knee joint gives us a strong foundation to rest upon. The hinge joint of the tibia and the femur above it allows these two large leg bones to glide easily in a front to back motion so our large leg muscles can kick our lower leg back with every footstep, allowing us to walk and run. The support of our ligaments around the joint prevent us from moving the joint too much, again giving us stability and balance as we walk and run. Our bursae, small fluid-filled sacs around the joint allow for frictionless movement. The meniscus allows us to withstand the weight of our own body on these joints and keep our knees moving smoothly. We need to simultaneously balance well and feel comfortable moving with speed.

All of these physical attributes apply to our metaphysical wellbeing as well. Mentally, we need both stability and flexibility. We need to move through life's challenges to our minds and spirits as well as our bodies. One of the biggest challenges when trying to solve a problem is doing it when we do not feel stable. The same applies for physical and mental challenges. Think about trying to thread a needle while standing on a small boat rocking in a wavy ocean. It would be almost impossible. The same applies to trying to solve a mental challenge without feeling like you're standing on solid emotional ground.

If we take care of our physical foundation in our knees, we can confidently walk with a spring in our step, pivot on the spot, and land lightly after taking a great leap. Let this physical foundation translate into a jumping off point for steady mental health and skills. You can't always control the stressors that come your way but you can control how you react and adapt to them. If you take everything on without a firm footing, you will be stressed and worrying about the future and taken away from the present moment.

Our physical, mental, and spiritual health are intimately linked and finding balance in one area will help create stability in the others. If you are dealing with an injury in your knee, your attitude toward that joint's healing will directly affect your healing time and quality.


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