Is My Arm Pain Coming From My Neck?

Dr. Ben Dyer

We've seen time and time again how hand, wrist and arm pain often start with a neck problem. Most of us don't usually wonder "is my arm pain coming from my neck," but it's actually very common for arm pain to be traced back to a nerve issue in the neck.

Just like the power lines that bring electricity to your house, your brain and spinal cord split into individual nerve roots that deliver information to your body. And it just so happens that the nerves in your neck are specifically focused on providing strength and sensation to your head and arms. A bulged or herniated disc in your neck can irritate or compress the nerves that travel to your hands, arms and shoulders.

See A Chiropractor

Improving spinal mobility, decreasing inflammation and improving your posture may help prevent future episodes of neck and arm pain. Even if your neck pain often eases up by the end of the day, you should have a professional evaluate how it's moving. Movement assessments provide an incredible amount of information about your body

Neck Pain: How To Find Relief

Neck pain can encompass anything from headaches to pain in your arms and hands to an actual pain in your neck.

That's because different types of pain indicate different issues. The most common reasons for neck pain are strained muscles and "stuck" spinal joints.  The facet joints are the small spinal joints located at the back of your spine that often become fixated or "stuck," which can lead to pain. Muscle strains can occur as a result of poor posture or even sleeping in an awkward position. Whatever the cause, proper motion can help to reduce irritation and inflammation and restore your range of motion.

A small adjustment today can make big changes in your quality of life. ATLAS is focused on helping you feel and function better, and that often starts with improving your spinal motion.

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