June 20, 2023

Are You Proactive or Reactionary About Your Health?


The fear starts to build. You know the feeling. When you get that little twinge of, “am I getting sick?” So you suddenly start doing all the things you know you should do to avoid getting sick: no more sugar, no more alcohol, start taking ALL the vitamins and supplements, skip the Netflix and get to bed earlier.

But have you ever thought about what you could do to avoid the panic attack in the first place? The first step is understanding that we do not shift between “sick” and “healthy.” We live on a spectrum from emergency to chronic illness to sick to surviving to well to fully functioning and healthy. We drift along that spectrum and thus can implement strategies and habits to keep ourselves from getting constantly stuck in long illnesses.

Next is implementing the habits to shift closer to the healthy end of the spectrum so that when your immune is challenged, it is manageable and not a reaction to impending doom. If you’re already living in a depleted state, pounding supplements at the last minute will not save you from illness. But if your wellness cup is already pretty full, your body will be in a much better state to heal and experience an illness for a much shorter duration.

It’s usually easier to add a good habit than to break an old bad habit. So, start with immune support in the form of something simple. If adding an immune-supporting supplement like echinacea or zinc to your morning routine is easy, start there. Or setting an alarm to remind you to get to bed at a specific time every night. Our bodies love rhythm and routine. When we go to bed at the same time every night, we have an easier time waking up the following morning.

The bigger challenge is breaking bad habits. Cutting anything out of your life can feel like a huge ordeal. Research supports both the cold turkey method of cutting something out entirely at once as well as the gradual change over time. Either way, consistency is key. If you want to cut back on alcohol, decide what the limit is and stick to it. Remember, your body doesn’t care if it’s a holiday or someone’s birthday; toxins are toxins and they will deplete your reserves.


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