Top Tips For Increasing Workplace Productivity At The Office And Working From Home

Dr. Ariel Thorpe

8 Minute Abs. 4 Hour Work Week. 10 kg in 1 month. The promises of quick fixes are ever-appealing and popular. Let's be real, if 8 minutes of abdominal exercise was all we needed, the majority of the population would be walking around showing off their six packs. However, there is some inspiration to be had from these trendy offerings: a little bit is better than nothing. If we want to be productive, whether in life or at work, the key is to keep your focus on the task at hand and put in the work, whether it is just a bit or the entire project at once. Procrastination has not brought us any closer to solving our global challenge of workplace inefficiency.

Workplace productivity is a challenge both in the office and working from home. We have seen many of our clients struggle with the same long workdays and no additional ability to be productive. Check out these solutions to common workplace productivity problems:

Problem: You've been sitting in front of your computer for hours and you're starting to feel physically sore or stuck.

Solution: Stand up and do five air squats. Even if you're pressed for space, just stand up, face your feet directly forward, slowly bring your bum down almost to sitting on your chair, then press through your heels, squeeze your bum, and stand back up. Once you sit back down in your chair to continue your work, you will have better proprioception and the opportunity to start fresh for work with better posture and more oxygen flowing into your brain.

Problem: You've been working on a task for longer than you thought it would take and you're running out of time and energy.

Solution: Ask your colleagues for help. If you're working from home, send a WhatsApp or hop on a quick Zoom chat. A few minutes of outside input might inspire a more efficient way to get the work done. If you get to work in the office, find a coworker and ask them for their input. Not only will you get a quick walk in, going over to their desk, but you'll also get vital human interaction. We have been starved of human interaction over the past year or longer and it has a deleterious effect on our psyche and health.

Problem: Your eyes are starting to feel tired or blurry and a headache may even be on its way.

Solution: Assess your lighting. If you have the power to change your lightbulbs, ditch the fluorescent in favor of LED. If that is not an option, try wearing blue light blocking glasses to minimize the amount of blue frequency light coming from all of our electronic devices and lightbulbs. Even better, create as much natural lighting as possible in your workspace. If you are able to take regular breaks to go outside and enjoy natural light, go for it. This natural light exposure will help nurture your circadian rhythm, which keeps your energy high during the day and stimulate good sleep at night so you wake up refreshed for work the next day.

Problem: You're stuck on making a decision.

Solution: If you've been hemming and hawing over it for an hour or more, take a break and come back to it later. If time is of the essence, put a timer on it. Set your countdown for 5 or 15 minutes and by the time that timer chimes, make a decision.

Problem: You have run out of motivation at work.

Solution: Put together a playlist of your favorite upbeat, motivating music. Put your headphones on and let it pull you into the inspired zone. Whether it's top 40 pop or Mongolian throat singing, find the genre that works for you.

Problem: You're constantly checking your social media and can't focus on the task at hand.

Solution: Clear the distraction (i.e. your phone). Multitasking is a lie. If your phone addiction is so bad that you can barely go 10 minutes without checking for updates, start small and set a timer for 10 minutes. No touching the phone for that time. If that was manageable, make your next challenge 15 minutes. Build yourself up; start small at first to get some wins. Once you've mastered the basics, go for bigger stretches of focusing on work.

Problem: You're feeling tired and disconnected from your work.

Solution: Hydrate. Are you drinking enough water? Your brain needs enough water and minerals to function correctly. Drink filtered water throughout your workday. Particularly if you work in a hot environment, ensure you get enough potassium, sodium, magnesium and calcium. Reverse osmosis or distilled water contains no minerals and can actually cause an imbalance of minerals in your cells. Make sure you supplement with minerals if you drink reverse osmosis or distilled water.

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