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Meet the Team

Our warm and friendly team members are passionate about helping patients have a fantastic experience in our modern studio. We’d like you to get to know them better!


Stephanie Cheng (Chiropractic Assistant)

What I found intriguing about chiropractic care is how much impact and control our spine has on so many functions in our body.

As a chiropractic assistant, Stephanie greets our patients and makes them feel comfortable and welcome. She also assists with various clinical tasks.

Staying Active in Central

Outside the studio, Stephanie enjoys going out for a meal with friends, seeing a film, going for a hike or hanging out at the beach.

Anna Uvarova (Chiropractic Assistant)


I became a CA through a little bit of luck (finding the Atlas Chiropractic Hong Kong job listing), and by having a massive passion for health and wellness. I strongly believe in the natural healing powers of our bodies.

Anna’s duties include checking patients in, getting their history and assisting our doctors with different jobs. For her, the most fulfilling aspect of being a CA and working at a chiropractic studio is seeing the changes in our patients, both physical and also in terms of their knowledge and mindset.

Anna graduated university in her home country of Russia in 2011, and also possesses RYT 200 (yoga teaching training qualification). To stay abreast of the latest in chiropractic, Anna takes regular training courses with colleagues from around the world and participates in weekly team training.

Outside the Office

When she’s not working at the clinic, Anna keeps up with her yoga practice. She also enjoys spending quality time with loved ones as much as possible. Anna also likes reading and hanging out in the park with her two dogs.

Giselle Leung (Chiropractic Assistant)


In 2010, I experienced neck pain that was so severe that I couldn’t focus at work and was unable to sleep.

Giselle sought help from a chiropractor. After getting spinal adjustments, she began to progressively get better. She wants to assist others just as she was helped years ago.

In her role as a chiropractic assistant, Giselle helps with patient scheduling, ensures paperwork is completed and prepares the exam areas.

She also enjoys promoting health to everyone who walks through our front door. Giselle believes that in the future natural healthcare may replace medicine.

In Her Spare Time

Outside the office, Giselle enjoys reading and spending time with her two children.

Mandy Cheung (Chiropractic Assistant)

I’ve always had an interest in health, and prefer a more natural approach rather than medication and surgery.

As Mandy comes from a family with many health issues, she finds it fulfilling to see the difference natural chiropractic care can make in patients’ health. She particularly enjoys seeing clients’ initial X-rays when they come in and compare them to where they are now.
Mandy’s duties at the practice mainly include administrative ones. She helps with the financial and marketing aspects of our clinic. In 2014, Mandy graduated from Middlesex University in London with a degree in 3D Animation and Games Design (first-class honours).

Hobbies and Family

Outside the practice, Mandy enjoys playing video games. She also likes spending time with her sister and their Pomeranian. An animal lover, Mandy is known as the “pet babysitter.” She’s looked after rabbits, cats and dogs for friends, family and colleagues in the past.

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