Why Kids Need Chiropractic Care Too

Atlas Staff

It is a common misconception that spinal issues only occur with age.

A vertebral subluxation is condition in which a spinal joint has altered alignment, movement, or function, resulting in a breakdown in communication between the brain and the rest of the body. A subluxation is often caused by stress from external interferences. While children and teenagers experience different forms of stress than adults, it does not mean that their nervous system is not similarly affected by physical, chemical or emotional stressors. In fact, subluxation may be more overwhelming to a child’s developing nervous system over time, which may result in detriments to growth and development if left untreated.

Over many years of practice, our team has found that clients often come in for chiropractic adjustments as a last resort. Issues like limited range of movement or faulty neural function result from years of untreated subluxations that become exponentially more difficult to care for over time.

Many parents do not realize the importance of maintaining a healthy spine in ensuring optimal future health for our children, and how fundamental the nervous system is to growth and development in our youth. So, what can we do to secure optimal neural function for our children?

  1. Most of us experience physical stress from the moment we are born. The associated traumas from the birth process may lead to serious misalignments in an infant’s spine, which if not corrected, will create subluxation in time. The best time to make an appointment with a paediatric chiropractor is actually right after birth. Paediatric adjustments (if necessary and practiced by a licensed chiropractor) are completely safe. The pressure used for spinal adjustments on babies is comparable to the pressure applied to your eye when touching it with your finger.
  2. As our children begin learning how to move around on their own, they may experience a lot of fumbling over. Even minor slips can create misalignments and restrictions in the spine. Therefore, it is important to visit your chiropractor to help identify problem areas which may be invisible to the naked eye and prevent deeper issues from developing over time.
  3. In our digital age, technology like iPads, laptops and smartphones have become more prevalent in our children’s lives. Pay attention to and educate children on the importance of having a neutral and proper sitting posture, and how to avoid excessive neck bending when using digital devices. For more advice or help, consult one of our spinal care experts at Atlas.
  4. Pay close attention to sporting or any other injuries. If not properly rehabilitated, sporting injuries may lead to serious misalignments in the spine, pelvis or shoulders down the road. Any neck, head or spinal traumas must be followed up with a chiropractor.
  5. Adults often underestimate the amount of emotional stress children experience. From current events to school pressure, children experience stress on a daily basis. For many, emotional stresses will result in subluxations and may eventually lead the body into a permanent stress response, severely affecting development, the immune system and growth.

At Atlas, we believe that a healthy lifestyle should comprise of getting checked regularly by your chiropractor, breaking bad lifestyle habits, and implementing good sleep, exercise, and nutritional habits. Chiropractic care and early development of good habits help to ensure your child’s overall quality of life and optimal levels of function, strength and health.

In case you missed it, here are some pro tips on how you can keep you spinal discs healthy.

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