June 20, 2023

8 Tips for Better Health During Travel


Travel today looks a bit different than it used to. With the current global pandemic, it is more important than ever to care of our health and immune system when we travel.

During long journeys, the various external stressors we come across may create a negative impact on our physical, chemical and emotional health. A few common factors that impact our wellness during travel could be:

  1. Jet lag caused when flying to countries in different time zones. Our health takes on both physical and mental strain when trying to cope and adapt to a new sleep cycle.
  2. Exposure to ionising radiation at high altitudes. Exposure to background radiation, while insignificant at low doses, could lead to developing health issues for frequent flyers.
  3. Motion sickness, caused by conflict between the body's sense of vision and sense of equilibrium and may worsen during turbulence, could means temporary discomfort in our bodies.
  4. Poor air quality and air pressure on the body at high altitudes can cause both temporary discomfort and longer-term strain on the body.
  5. Long hours with little to no movement on an aircraft leads to poor blood circulation and muscle aches.

To combat these external stressors, there are some simple yet effective tips you can take to stay healthier during travel:

  1. Schedule a chiropractic adjustment before your flight to strengthen your spine in preparation, and one after to ease the discomfort caused from flying at high altitudes for long periods of time.
  2. Get moving as much as possible on the plane. Walking around can help increase blood flow around the body and prevent aches.
  3. Practice the neck and hips stretches we use at the beginning of your care at Atlas.
  4. Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoiding beverages like coffee, teas and alcohol that could cause dehydration.
  5. Bring comfort essentials, such as an eye mask and a neck pillow, to help aid your sleep quality.
  6. Practice meditation 20 minutes before and after your flight to help your mind and body relax.
  7. When picking up heavy luggage, protect your lower back by lifting from hinging at the hips and bending your knees.
  8. After your flight, use our Atlas stretching cushion. This cushion will help extend and align your spine to calm down your nervous system.

While travel may be more limited today due to the coronavirus, we may come across situations where travel may be necessary. As such, it is even more important that we use good practices to optimize our body’s health and protect our immunity throughout the journey.

Want to know if you're proactive or reactionary when it comes to your health? Find out here.


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