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Ben's Tips To Bring Gratitude In To Your Everyday Life

While improving your health through gratitude may not be the first thing you think of, it can greatly benefit your mental and emotional health, helping you and those around you feel better.

Thanks text writen with a typewriterHere’s three ways I’ve found helpful to invite gratitude into your life:

1. Get social about your gratitude. You probably know that relationships with others can create incredible happiness for all involved. Try focusing some of your gratitude on people you’re thankful for. You could even try penning a letter of thanks to someone who’s positively impacted your life. Invite others to give this a try as well.

2. Notice what you’re grateful for. Each day, tell yourself to find five things that you’re thankful for. These can be simple things like a good meal, friends, or the opportunity to participate in a favourite activity. Keeping your eyes open for the goodness in the world around you is an excellent way to practice gratitude.

3. Keep track of your grateful moments. Consider starting a journal and making daily or weekly entries about your experiences with gratitude each day. If you had a particular day where you didn’t practice much gratitude, including that in your journaling can help you become more aware of changes you can make in your life.

I’m Grateful for You

Thank you for joining us for our first year, the journey has only just begun and I’m grateful that you’ve been a part of it so far.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio and joining us for another exciting year.

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