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Five Facts About Omega-3

You’ve heard plenty about the incredible benefits of Omega-3, and that they’re an essential part of a proper diet. You probably also know that they’re found in fish and fish oil supplements. But there are some less commonly known facts about Omega-3s that are important to consider.

  • They’re required by all humans. Omega-3 fatty acids are needed by everyone for the prevention of illness and for general health.
  • Research indicates that Omega-3s are important for heart health, brain health, blood sugar regulation, emotional health, joint and bone health, digestive health, immune health and cancer prevention.
  • Research shows that a lack of Omega-3 is a causal factor in illnesses such as cancer, depression, heart disease, ADHD, diabetes, digestive problems, obesity, skin problems, osteoporosis, vision problems and developmental delays in newborns.
  • Most people in developed countries are deficient in Omega-3. Surprisingly, researchers believe that most people have so little Omega-3 in their bodies that levels of it cannot be detected.
  • A sufficient intake of Omega-3 is 2-6 capsules a day equal to 1.2-3.6 grams of EPA and DHA a day. As with any supplement, it’s crucial to research its quality.

Are You Eating Too Much Omega-6?

Though most people know about Omega-3s, less know about Omega-6s or may be unaware of how harmful they can be. These polyunsaturated fatty acids may promote inflammation and cancer, two of the illnesses that Omega-3s can prevent. The ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 intake should be 1:1 but frighteningly is closer to 1:11.

For a small monetary investment and a fraction of your time per day, you can get the Omega-3s your body needs to stay on the road to good health.

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