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How can you develop a fitness mindset?

man-running-in-the-cityHave you ever started a fitness program that you were quite excited about, only to stop following it suddenly after a few days, weeks or months?

Or, maybe you’ve successfully lost weight on a diet, but gained it back shortly after it ended? If so, it’s probably because you weren’t in the right fitness mindset.

Developing a proper fitness mindset can help you continue to
make progress and move forward in your exercise or weight loss goals.

Here are a few tips for improving your fitness mindset:

1. Start by implementing small changes. Going “cold turkey” or making an extreme adjustment to your diet or exercise routine without easing into it can be a recipe for disaster. Instead, if you’re trying to get fitter, simply add 10 extra minutes to your workout routine each week. Or, if you’d like to lose weight, try replacing one unhealthy snack with a vegetable. From there, continue to progress.

2. Don’t begin with the end in mind. Focus your attention and energy on the present situation instead of continually obsessing over a specific weight or muscle mass. By tracking your progress, you’ll also be able to see how much you’re improving.

3. Accept responsibility. Sometimes, an unequipped fitness mindset fails because you aren’t ready to take control or responsibility for your situation. This means you must stop making excuses and start getting things done—including following your nutrition and workout goals.

4. Develop “why” power. Many people focus on how they’re going to get into shape, but few focus on why they’d like to. Developing intrinsic motivation by identifying why you’d like to get in shape can help push you to continue your plan.

Looking for more ways to improve your fitness mindset? We’d love to help. Ask us for additional tips when you visit us for your next appointment. We look forward to seeing you in our studio soon.

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