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The Ultimate Guide to Proper Posture

A sustainably healthy lifestyle involves several components. You eat right, exercise when you have spare time and try to make sure you relax and manage your stress levels. Another fundamental aspect that you may not consider as much as you should is proper posture.

Whether at home or work, your postural habits can have detrimental effects on your health. With proper posture, you can feel a higher level of comfort, less pain and joint stiffness, greater focus, more energy and better self-confidence.

Caretaking Your Body Throughout the Day

Though you may have had bad posture for years, it’s never too late to make impactful changes. There are a few simple tips to keep in mind that will ensure proper alignment:

Head and neck:Keep your eyes looking forward, parallel to the horizon. Your ears should be aligned over your shoulders with no rounding of your spine.

Shoulders: Keep your shoulders relaxed, free of tension and not rolled forward. They should be balanced on the left and right and aligned with the pelvis.

Lumbar spine: Contract your core muscles with your hips aligned under the shoulders. Your lumbar spine can be further enhanced with a cushion while seated to support the spine’s natural curves. Your weight should be balanced evenly over both feet and your hips while standing.

Hips: Your hips should align with your shoulders, with weight spread equally over your left and right sides. When seated, your pelvis should be at the back of the chair and your core muscles contracted to stand or shift.

Core: Use your core muscles when switching positions. Contract your navel towards the spine for an instantly straighter posture.

Lower extremities: Avoid shifting your weight from side to side so that your muscles stay equally activated. Avoid crossing your legs when sitting.

Upper extremities: Avoid excessive reaching. Your workspace should be organised with mouse and keyboard at elbow height with your arms close to the center of your body and wrists held in a neutral position.

Feet: Get shoes that have proper arch support and fit snugly without being tight. Keep in mind that high heels or pointed shoes usually have poor support.

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