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Why Sitting is Seriously Harmful

Have you heard? Sitting is the new smoking. Even with regular exercise built into your day, sitting without interruption ups your risk of disease and premature death. Sedentary behaviour, which describes periods of low energy expenditure, may seem inevitable to those who ride in a car to their job or sit all day at work. But there are simple ways to work movement into your day, which can add years to your life.

Diminishing the Many Dangers of
Excessive Sitting

Three-fourths of employees in industrialized countries have jobs that involve sitting for an extended amount of time. This prolonged sitting causes inflammation, scar tissue and a loss of bone dentistry, resulting in an increase of chronic pain. That doesn’t even consider its harmful effects on your posture.

On average, an adult spends more than half of waking hours sitting. If you live in an industrial society, you’ll sit for an incredible 32 years of your life!

So, what can you do to minimise the damaging effects of sitting?

At work, be sure to get up every 15-20 minutes for exercises such as squats or stretches that activate your spine.

Instead of meeting a friend for a coffee, invite them on a walk that ends at a café so that you can enjoy your beverage after some physical activity.

If you work at a computer, consider investing in an elevated desk that allows you to sit or stand alternately. You can even make your own treadmill workstation!

Add a posture cushion to your chair that helps you sit with proper posture.

Look into using an exercise ball for a chair, which activates your pelvis and hips while engaging your core muscles. You can have it at work during the day or even watch television at night on it. Think of doing exercises on the ball during commercials like figure 8s, which mobilises your back, pelvis and core.

Treat Your Body Right

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